Home Care Funding

An introduction to home care funding

For most people the decision to have care at home for themselves or their loved ones could be a very crucial decision to make. To help you understand what your choice/ options are for home care funding, we have provided information here however if you prefer to speak to a member of staff, then please get in touch as we will be more than happy to assist you.

If you have been assessed by your local council Social Services as in need of help or care, whether at home or in a care home, you have the right to a financial assessment to determine whether the council will help towards the costs.

Even if you already know that you or your loved one will not qualify for social care funding, there are other non-means tested allowances that you might be entitled to.

Paying for care privately

You may purchase care time privately for the following reasons;

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Services are delivered in the context of the life each customer chooses, both now and in their future; recognising the valuable contribution each person can make to their chosen community.