Domiciliary Care

Personal Care

At Renew Care, we have fully trained and experienced care workers who offer a personal care service to our clients. Such service that may become impossible to carry out alone or may have become more difficult. Not only can this be frustrating for the client but also embarrassing. Our experienced carers are always understanding and sympathetic without being patronising. We encourage our clients to be independent by letting them, where possible, to do things for themselves. The dignity of our clients is paramount to us, so we take a warm and respectful approach when it comes to rendering personal care. We help them to be independent in the comfort of their own homes.


We offer a personalised service bearing in mind that each client is an individual with a unique personality, personal needs, preference and values, so we tailor our services to suit their requirements.


We provide personal care services round the clock every day. The services include help with starting your day – which includes help getting up, wash, shower or bathe, dressing and making breakfast, help and support with toilet( in confidence), hair washing, drying, combing, shaving, foot care and personal hygiene management and help with choosing and looking after your clothes.


Help with food preparation which includes planning your menu, food shopping and cooking and also making drinks hot/cold.


Help with managing your medication as well as making appointments with your GP or other health professionals.


Help with sitting in for the evening and going to bed.